Invitation to Practice Yoga!

My name is John Gaydos. I have been practicing yoga since 1972 and teaching at Yogaworks here in Santa Monica since 1997. I used to be a professional dancer and started to teach yoga when I retired from dance. So one of my specialties is teaching yoga to dancers and I have taught yoga in the dance departments of California Institute of the Arts, California State University at Long Beach and Loyola Marymount University. At Yogaworks I mainly teach classes for beginners and also for seniors. I teach all levels but I really love introducing yoga to people who have never experienced the practice before – everyone can enjoy and benefit greatly from the practice. I have been leading Yogaworks Teacher Trainings for over 15  years and I usually lead a Teacher Training in Santa Monica at least once a year. I also do Yogaworks Teacher Trainings all over the world – I have led trainings in Santa Barbara, San Francisco, Orange County, Las Vegas, Boulder, Phoenix, Vancouver, Paris, Osaka, Tokyo, Oslo, Nuremberg and Beijing. I have been the Director of Teacher Trainer Development in Los Angeles (mentoring other trainers) and I also am currently teaching in the Yogaworks Professional (300 hour) program. I also help assess teachers who come up for Yogaworks Certification in Los Angeles and I help assess teachers at Yogaworks sublist auditions.

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invitation to practice yoga!